Mind Power Affirmations - Renew Your Mind While You Sleep

I AM Affirmations. 8 hours of biblical affirmations to renew your mind to the Word of God while you sleep!

These MIND POWER affirmations will awaken your mind to your true identity in Christ.

Length: 7 hrs 11min.


I am intelligent
I have the mind of Christ
The wisdom of God dwells within me
I increase in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man
My mind is renewed by the word of God
My mind leads me to prosperity and success
No eye has seen nor ear has heard what Christ placed inside of me
I understand matters I care about deeply
I am an effective communicator
I choose my words wisely
The wisdom of God surrounds me like a shield
The Holy Spirit knows all things and He dwells within me
I make wise choices
I choose to think positive, empowering thoughts
I am spiritually minded
My mind has an unlimited capacity to learn
I solve challenging problems with ease
A wealth of information is available to me at all times
My mind is blessed
I am a master at what I do
My relationship with Christ keeps me in my right mind
I have unlimited access to new thoughts and ideas
I ask the Lord for more wisdom and He gives it to me freely
My knowledge is increasing everyday
I have the wisdom, knowledge and understanding required to accomplish anything
All the answers I need come to me effortlessly
I absorb facts like a sponge
My thoughts are organized
I stay mindful of the things of God
My memory is blessed
I stretch my mental abilities daily
I love to read
I have complete control of my thoughts
I open my mind and discover new wisdom everyday
I possess all the skills I need to achieve my assignment
I am saavy
My thoughts glorify God
My mental abilities increase daily
All I need to know is revealed to me as I need it
I schedule time everyday with God
I feed my mind with the word of God
I choose to think good thoughts about myself and others
I change my life by renewing my mind according to the word of God
My mind is discerning
I utilize my left and right brain equally
I am not easily distracted
My mind is an open channel for greater revelation of Christ
I am a quick learner
Knowledge and truth are revealed to me
I love the mental stimulation of new experiences
I love learning new things
All things are possible for me
I eagerly learn from every experience in my life
My mind is complete
My thoughts radiate life and truth
Solutions come to me quickly
My mind is sharp and strong
I am soberly minded
My mind is calm, peaceful and serene
I communicate intelligently
My mind is stable
I possess amazing focus
I have a sound mind
I expand my mind easily
I commit my works to the Lord, and He establishes my thoughts
My mind is free from prejudice, stereotypes and bias
I love reading the Word of God
I am highly focused on my assignment, and I avoid all distractions
I am disciplined spirit, soul and body
I am a single-minded, focused believer, and I am stable in all my ways
I am efficient with my time, and I stay focused on my priorities
My mind is creative
I am always learning and growing
I am a godly decision maker
My mind is flexible and adaptable

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