I AM Highly Favored Affirmations - Renew Your Mind While You Sleep

I am highly favored.

I have the favor of God and man.
Favor surrounds me like a shield.
I am highly esteemed.
I am blessed coming in and blessed going out.
Everything I touch prospers.
I am successful.
I have the unfair advantage in every situation .
I am accepted by God.
Opportunities abound towards me.
Every area of my life is blessed.
My health is blessed.
My relationships are blessed.
My family is blessed.
My finances are blessed.
My work is blessed.
I am a blessing everywhere I go.
I am an asset.
No matter my skin color, ethnicity or age, favor reigns down on me everywhere I go.
I am respected by God and man.
God accepts me right now just as I am because I am His favorite.
God opens doors for me no man can shut.
Jesus is with me thus I am a success.
I am a prize.
Grace upon grace heaps down on me.
God’s grace abounds towards me.
I receive promotions, bonuses and raises.
I have a favored and prosperous mindset.
The Lord is with me and shows me kindness.
I am God’s most cherished child.
I am valued extremely highly.
I am priceless.
I am increasingly fruitful because of God’s favor on my life.
My unique talents and gifts find favor with an audience.
I am highly favored in the presence of my enemies.
The favor of God protects me from harm and ill willed people.
I am favored amongst men and women in prominent positions.
My gifts and talents are highly esteemed and they make room for me.
God’s favor lasts my entire lifetime and passes down to my children’s children.
My spouse and children are blessed and highly favored.
My business partners are blessed and highly favored because of me.
The Lord bestows His favor on me. No good thing does He behold from me.
I am special.
My uniqueness is a gift from God.
The favor of God exalts me to the top.
I am always the head and never the tail.
I am always in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.
The favor of the Lord establishes the work of my hands.
I grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.
I am brought before great men because of the gifts God has given me.
I am going to the next level.
I am being prepared for promotion.
People can visibly see God’s favor on my life.

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